Meet The Coaches

Take a new, holistic approach to your nutrition, health, body image and composition.

Meet The Coaches

Take a new, holistic approach to your nutrition, health, body image and composition.

About the coaches

As industry leaders, we are pleased to offer one-to-one coaching options to support you to re-establish your relationship with food, break away from old habits and take a new, holistic approach to your nutrition, health, body image and composition.

All coaches in this team are Certified Nutritionists and work with the methods developed by Emilia.

Anna Munday

Head Coach

Anna is an EIQ Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Trainee Counsello.. She has worked with thousands of clients over the years to improve their relationships with food and body composition using a person-centred approach, utilising evidence-based nutritional, therapeutic and training methodologies. Anna specialises in working with Personal Trainers and other coaching professionals and bikini / physique athletes looking to improve their health, relationship with food and their bodies.

Having previously competed in bodybuilding, Anna was initially a client of Emilia, but has since worked alongside her as Head Coach for many years, developing much of the tools that the team use today.

Danai Beintari BSc MSc ANutr

Nutritionist & Psychological Coach

Danai completed a BSc in Psychology, and soon qualified as a Coach (ICF Trained) offering an integrated & holistic approach to coaching. She has an MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Eating Disorders from UCL and is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. She offers person-centred coaching and I offer person-centred coaching and uses therapeutic techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance – Commitment Therapy (ACT), positive psychology and neuroscience to fully support women who struggle with disordered eating, an unhealthy relationship with food and poor body image.

Georgia Kohlhoff BSc

EIQ Certified Nutritionist, PD Diploma Human Nutrition & Personal Trainer

Georgia has been a personal trainer for years, is completing an MSc in Human Nutrition and has a huge passion for supporting women out of the chronic diet-regain cycle and moving towards a lifelong journey of health. With a brief background in powerlifting, she now focuses on fostering positive body image through compassion, whilst still supporting body composition changes for those with the desire. Georgia specialises in those who are peri-menopausal people and/or are managing PCOS. She was also coached by Emilia for many years before joining the team as a coach, so has experience from both sides in all methods used.

Bekka Harnett BA

EIQ Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Bekka has a BA degree in Professional Social Care Practice, is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner and qualified coach. She studied with various nutrition providers, including EIQ Nutrition, and ISSA to obtain her health and fitness qualifications. Bekka has coached many individuals using a combination of evidence-based nutritional, health, mindfulness and fitness practices. Bekka is a specialist in recovery from hypothalamic amenorrhea.  She supports those in striving for overall wellness, whether that is to regain their menstrual cycle, improve food/exercise relationship, or body image. Bekka has had her own body image, weight management, and food relationship struggles in the past but resistance training was a key turning point, alongside practicing gratitude and self-compassion.

Steph Smith

EIQ Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Steph is a professional dancer and having appeared in The West End, is well-versed in image-focused industries and the disordered body image and relationships with food that comes with the external pressure to be smaller. Since then, Steph found training and nutrition for strength personally, which led to qualification as a personal trainer supporting women with their relationships with food and health for many years since. She is a certified EIQ Nutritionist and now focused on supporting people to develop a more holistic approach to health, with a particular speciality in working with those in the creative arts.

Lynn Kelly

Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, Pre- and Post-natal certified.

Lynn is a specialist in pre- and post-natal support and is now engrossed in evidence-based nutrition through EIQ Nutrition and other studies, born after a time a time of overtraining, under-fuelling, diet-restrict cycles and fad diets. Her main focus now is supporting clients, especially parents and those trying to conceive, to find the happiness they are seeking in changing their bodies, through implementation of boundary work, self-compassion and healthful behaviours.


Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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