Start your journey

No more generic plans or fad diets. Improve your body composition, health and relationship with yourself.

Start your journey

No more generic plans or fad diets. Improve your relationship with food, your health, body composition, and your relationship with yourself.

It’s Time to Show Up for Yourself

Our coaching programmes include full nutritional programming for your goals, mindset and healthy habit development and a personal support system, designed to improve your mental and physical health.

Whole body nourishment

Nutrition, mindset and training will be underpinned by an ethos of strengthening your mind, body and soul and improving the respect you have for your body.

Nutrition coaching

You will learn to love the food you eat again, working with a range of evidence-based tools such as flexible dieting, mindful and intuitive eating, and learn how to nourish yourself without obsession.

Training programming

Training programmes are designed to improve your strength and body composition, tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle.

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Speaking at fitness and wellness events and regularly appearing as a guest on podcasts within the industry, allows me to spread the evidence-based (and compassionate) nutrition message. I am also involved with industry, working within nutrition education with Optimum Nutrition and as a Consultant Nutritionist with Lo-Dough while contributing to national magazines including.

Emilia Thompson

Nutrition Consultant, Life Coach, Sports Nutrition Lecturer, Bikini Athlete

“One of my biggest goals for any client is for them to realise the power of food, to improve their relationship with food and for them to learn how food is nourishment towards them meeting their goals, be that improving strength, body composition or mindset”

As a team, we offer comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle and training programming based on personal goals and needs. We utilise evidence-based interventions incorporating nutrition, mindfulness, training and lifestyle to support lifestyle changes that far beyond any aesthetic ‘transformation’ testimonials.


Posts old and new, regarding all things fitness, nutrition and competing. The cold, hard, honest truth about my world.

Is your overworking a show for your ego?

The reframing of rest. I feel guilty for resting, Be that from my business, Training, Anything that involves doing, I hear you, You feel guilty. Let me take a minute to reframe this for you, And tell you that actually, Working too much has become a selfish act, You’re...

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All-encompassing recipes to fit any nutritional programming.


Whether you are looking to improve your relationship with food, health, educate yourself on nutrition or change your body composition, our coaching team can support you.

“Emilia is the most beautiful, genuine and kind-hearted girl who does nothing but care and look after her clients. She taught me to see food as fuel even on competition prep, and that we have to nourish our bodies. She introduced me to meditation and supported me to mindfully eat, eat without tracking when needed and taught me how to live again, find a passion and be happy no matter what! Never did I think I’d see that girl who didn’t worry about what or where she ate, didn’t get anxiety over eating a meal out or spent all her time with loved ones again. Emilia is the best coach you could ever ask for and genuinely cares for you and your health and journey. She is super personal and no matter how down you feel, her positive mindset carries onto you and changes your mindset completely. She pushes you to extremes and supports you to do things out of your comfort zone but always at your own pace and puts every bit of her belief in you and makes you believe you can do anything you set your mind too. Having a coach that can teach you nutritional and physical knowledge, but cares is the best thing you can ever get from a coach, we worked as a team and nothing was ever one-sided.”


“I have literally loved every part of this prep and every part of being on that stage. Emilia, you have been an amazing coach, mentor and friend through this whole journey and my confidence and persona wouldn’t be as they are today without you.”


“I was in a really bad way last Summer and your kindness really helped me work it out. You didn’t push, you cared and listened and that has meant so much. I feel confident again: I look at my face in the mirror and see someone who is content and just taking it day by day, as we all are. I feel lighter, both mentally and physically, and am confident that I have turned a corner in my eating and how I treat myself. I no longer want to use my body as a dustbin and overload it, make it feel pain and discomfort, I want to look after it as it will (hopefully) have to see me through many more years, and I want those years to be as fulfilling as they can be. Thank you. Thank you so much.”



Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

University Lecturer

Bikini Competitor


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