The Time Is Now

No more generic plans or fad diets. Improve your body composition, health and relationship with yourself.

The Time Is Now

No more generic plans or fad diets. Improve your body composition, health and relationship with yourself.

It’s Time to Respect You

My coaching programme includes a tailored nutrition plan, training programme and personal support system, designed to improve your body composition, health and mindset.

Whole Body Health

Strength of both body and mind is my priority. You will learn to focus goals on your mindset and strength, rather than the scales.

Nutrition coaching

You will learn to love the food you eat, working to a meal plan or with flexible dieting, and learn how to fuel your body for the best response.

Training programming

Focusing on your individual strengths and weaknesses, you will work to improve your full body shape through the benefits of building strength.

Emilia Thompson

Nutrition Consultant, Bikini Athlete, Sports Nutrition Researcher

One of my biggest goals for any client is for them to realise the power of food, to improve their relationship with food and for them to learn how food can be used to meet their goals, be that improving strength, body composition or mindset

Emilia is able to offer comprehensive nutrition and training plans based on personal goals and needs. She incorporates in-depth nutrition and exercise evaluations, nutritional interventions via meal plans and flexible dieting, body-shape specific training and more to produce optimal results for every client.


Posts old and new, regarding all things fitness, nutrition and competing. The cold, hard, honest truth about my world.

Podcast appearances

Here you'll find a link to Emilia's podcast appearances to date. We can't film all of her talks, but the podcasts certainly provide a broad summary of client work, direction with mindful eating and helpful tips that you can implement right away Revive Stronger The...

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Lots of ideas for meals and snacks to meet your macros (and some which most definitely don’t…)


My coaching programs are for everyone.

“I can’t express how much you’ve helped me over this last year and I’ll always praise how amazing you are as a coach. I am so happy I chose you. Thanks for teaching me so much and helping me to feel how I do at the moment. I’m extremely excited for the future ad being able to love my life how you’ve shown me.”

Holly Buckley

“I am proud of my shift in mindset: before I was doing this TO myself. Now I see myself as doing this FOR myself. I can’t keep hating myself for not looking as good as the woman in the gym or the people I follow on Instagram. Your powerful blog post came at just the right time and reaffirmed why I am doing this.”

Lauren Young

“It takes a great mentor to follow to achieve the results we require, so thanks to you, your knowledge and encouragement, I am seeing results and hearing positive compliments from my loved ones and starting to love me and my body each day that passes.”

Munira Patel


Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

University Lecturer

Bikini Competitor

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