Emilia and the team have helped thousands of clients transform their relationship with food and reach their body composition goals. Below are just a selection of previous and current clients.

What our clients say


“A letter of gratitude and an overwhelming thank you to Emilia. I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say it works, Emilia has given me life. It sounds a bit extreme but hear me out.

I originally got into the gym to support my mental health. I did a fitness shoot prior to working with Emilia and got in to the best shape of my life. I thought I’d conquered my eating habits with that but the feelings that came after that, I’m sure you’ll know… I cringed every time I looked in the mirror – I remember Emilia giving out to me about how I spoke to myself.

Now I no longer use food to numb me. Through Emilia’s work I now have engrained habits (they seem simple to the ‘norm’ but if you struggle, you’ll understand). I remember saying at the start ‘this will never work, I’m doomed’. But how wrong was I? I can now throw weights around like a baddass but can also sit quietly with myself (I first thought, is she crazy?) – meditation is now my comfort blanket, not food.

Through the work I did with Emilia, I now see that I am so much more than what I look like, I like who I am now. I have connected with my inner self, there is no more numbness/fights. She taught me that food is just food, nothing more nothing less. I don’t track calories (I thought that My Fitness Pal would be buried with me). I now eat when I’m hungry & stop when I’ve had enough. I am so proud to actually say that – I have treats or pizza or whatever I fancy with absolutely no guilt.

I took part in the amazing body confidence photo-shoot in November and flew from Ireland, it was the best weekend ever. It was amazing to hear everyone’s stories – one stood out to me and as I listened, I was in awe about how she was out the other side and from the way she spoke about food. I remember saying in the back of the car, ‘I really wish that was me’ and I could not wait to get there.

This was by far the hardest journey but after all my years of struggle, I got the help I needed.

I’m crying writing this thinking of where I used to be to where I am now, I get so emotional and feel extremely blessed that Emilia came into my life.

So for anyone who is struggling, please do it for yourself, work with Emilia and the amazing team she has built. You deserve to be happy.”


“I signed up with Emilia after she came highly recommended for her coaching style. I had started off self-coaching and reached a point in my journey where I wasn’t seeing any improvement in my shape or muscle growth and knew I needed help, I just never realised how much help I actually needed to build the muscle I never knew I needed to compete for the gold medals I achieved in 2019.

Emilia was and still is different from all other coaches out there. I remember her kind of interviewing me before we even started working together. I liked that a lot, it made me realise that she practiced with intent and it made me step back and really think about what I was wanting her to support with.

She has a style of coaching that I joke is ‘firm but fair’ for her competitor clients as that’s all I can account for. I needed this as a competitor client looking to get that gold medal on stage. Emilia understood my passion and not only checked on my progress physically but made sure my mindset was healthy before we made changes. We worked as a team and she was never averse to changes that I proposed (I maybe never always got them, haha).

Emilia’s style of coaching is driven with health and wellbeing throughout and that will always come front and centre to everything she does – very inspiring.

Emilia may have started off as my coach for the sole purpose of getting me to the stage with muscle tone and dieted well; but as time went on I realised I was learning from her with her incredible knowledge shared at each check in. I saw my body change in ways that excited me and equally didn’t excite me and Emilia was there to explain every step of the way. You see for me being stage lean wasn’t enjoyable to look at or experience; but knowing that I had Emilia to support that journey I trusted that my health, both mentally and physically, were safe.

I’ve learned so much from my time working with Emilia and if I were to have to call out one main take away it would be that there are no good or bad foods. I came to Emilia with the understanding that there were ‘cheat meals’ and ‘junk food’ with ‘good and bad’ foods – mainly because these phrases and food descriptions were used in my childhood – it’s what I was brought up with.

Very quickly, through Emilia’s knowledge, I started looking at food differently for the better. She has helped me re-programme my own food vocabulary and I’m thankful for her dedication to ‘teaching’ not just coaching. She never stops her own learning and this to me is so important in investing in somebody to help me achieve my own goals.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family xx I love working with you. Good coaches have coaches…”


“Emilia is the most beautiful, genuine and kind-hearted girl who does nothing but care and look after her clients. She taught me to see food as fuel even on competition prep, and that we have to nourish our bodies. She introduced me to meditation and supported me to mindfully eat, eat without tracking when needed and taught me how to live again, find a passion and be happy no matter what! Never did I think I’d see that girl who didn’t worry about what or where she ate, didn’t get anxiety over eating a meal out or spent all her time with loved ones again. Emilia is the best coach you could ever ask for and genuinely cares for you and your health and journey. She is super personal and no matter how down you feel, her positive mindset carries onto you and changes your mindset completely. She pushes you to extremes and supports you to do things out of your comfort zone but always at your own pace and puts every bit of her belief in you and makes you believe you can do anything you set your mind too. Having a coach that can teach you nutritional and physical knowledge, but cares is the best thing you can ever get from a coach, we worked as a team and nothing was ever one-sided.”


3rd place PCA Midlands 2019; British Finalist

“After a bad prep experience in 2016, leading me down a ropey path I took hold of my eating, finding myself in a great place, until I decided to prep again 2017. 3 weeks in to that prep I was back where I was before, if not worse. I decided to pull the plug on prep for my own health. I had seen a girl prepped by Emilia and watched in awe at the approach they used. Straight in the DMs I went. A week later we are ‘prepping’ with caution, any wobbles and I’d pull the plug. But this girl knows her stuff. A successful season late 2017. We smashed it in 2019. I learnt SOOOOO much from working with this power house of a queen, I cannot thank her enough! So much has carried through to my clients too. Peak week approaches as I write this, followed by post show and not a worry in sight as to how we will handle things as I know I got her knowledge guiding me in the right direction. No restrictive diet, no sugar limits, a happy healthy (as possible while competing) LJ.”


“I have literally loved every part of this prep and every part of being on that stage. Emilia, you have been an amazing coach, mentor and friend through this whole journey and my confidence and persona wouldn’t be as they are today without you.”


“A few months ago after competing, when we had huge rows, I sat in the carpark eating anything to find numbness. This time, I did what was right for me in the moment – remove myself, go somewhere calm and make choices for myself. The conversation you had with me about me doing things based on others’ expectations has made me assess my entire life. For once I feel free. My mind is no longer haunted by food obsession or noises about being fat or having wobbly bits. Instead it is now filled with excitement about a new chapter in my life.”


“Emilia taught me so much more than I have learned in the years that I’ve done sport and events and trained people myself. She taught me freedom with approaches to getting into shape and the knowledge I developed will stay with me for myself but also for my own clients. Yes, the coaching costs money but it’s an experience I have lived and loved which I can’t ever put a price on. I recommend Emilia to everyone and I’ll be back for more coaching.”


“My relationship with food has improved by an incredible amount, but more importantly I have learnt to be kind to myself and my body. I no longer feel panic around food and by implementing all the tools you have given me, I have enjoyed a variety of food and social occasions that I would have previously avoided. I am able to eat homemade meals cooked by myself or my family and have done lots of baking (even more so since lockdown!) which I have enjoyed so much. It feels strange to say that I haven’t even found this lock down difficult, in regard to my eating and training; I have found a routine that works for me and remain grateful each day. So thank you again, because I wouldn’t have got here without you. I never thought I’d be able to feel calm around food or be at peace with my body! But it’s an amazing feeling.”



“Prior to signing up with Emilia, I had worked with several other coaches and I could never find the right fit with someone who addressed all areas that I needed to address. Each coach I had worked with focused on my nutrition through tracking and my training, but I never managed to integrate what I learned for nutrition into my lifestyle. Training has been a passion of mine so that was never an issue, but I was never able to get a handle on how to develop healthy eating habits that would stick. I was constantly going over my macros, becoming frustrated and angry with myself and throwing in the towel until I would decide to try again days or weeks later.

When I signed up with Emilia, I was feeling really discouraged and down on myself. I associated my lack of success with a lack of motivation and will power and felt like there had to be something wrong with me that led me to repeated failure. I was certain that the only way to be successful was to just push myself harder and harder with the same approaches that worked for others.

As early as my first conversation with Emilia, I knew that having her as a training and nutrition coach would be different than what I had been used to. First off, her training programs are incredible and not a week has gone by that I haven’t adored getting into the gym to challenge my body physically. More importantly, however, Emilia is supportive, encouraging, genuine and authentic. Her responses are informative, motivating, compassionate and inspiring. She is one of those people who just knows exactly what to say to you, when you need it. She’s funny, knowledgeable, caring and down to earth. Every check in, the resources she recommended for me were spot on and exactly what I needed to focus on. She helped me move from a place of being constantly cruel and harsh with myself, totally focused on my body and aesthetics, to a place where I treat myself with self compassion, kindness and positivity. The resources and her recommendations are always useful, practical and meaningful and helped move me in the direction of progress by fostering self awareness and self compassion. With Emilia’s support, I was able to improve my relationship with food, with myself, with my body and how I relate to others. While I’m still working on my relationship with food, I rarely find myself using it to cope with difficult and challenging emotions like I always used to and I typically approach food with a neutral approach, no longer using it as a reward, punishment or way to cope with my feelings.

Emilia has been the only coach I’ve worked with who has been able to integrate nutrition, training, mindset and sustainable habit development at the same time. With Emilia’s support, knowledge and inspiration, I have integrated self compassion, mindfulness, gratitude and sustainable habit formation into my life in all areas including nutrition, training, work, parenting and in my relationships. As a parent, I’ve been able to share some of the changes I’m making in the way I relate to myself with my kids and they often talk about being kind to themselves, about stepping back to name their feelings and about not being able to hate yourself into positive changes. They’ve seen me grow and develop into a person who uses strategies like affirmations, gratitude, meditation and journaling to help set goals and develop sustainable habits to achieve them.

Every day I feel so thankful that I found Emilia and have had the pleasure of learning from her. She is one of those people who you just wish you could keep in your life forever because she just knows exactly what you need, when you need it. She has been compassionate, caring and empathetic when I’ve felt defeated and she held me accountable and pushed me to challenge myself when I’ve needed it. The world would be a more amazing, inspiring, loving and beautiful place if there were more Emilia’s in it. Thank you Emilia, for being you and for changing my life in every way imaginable!”



“You have been a wonderful teacher and brought a beautiful perspective in to my life. Some lessons I have learned from you – be mindful of the choice I am making. I will be required to make short term sacrifices for fat loss but that does not mean I cannot be creative and enjoy the process. Really tune in to my body’s cues and ask myself if I am hungry or truly want this or is there an underlying reason. Am I trying to avoid a feeling? No food is good or bad. Food is fuel and food is pleasure. Journaling and meditation allow me to slow down a sprinting brain. I am not my thoughts. Pain is temporary and will pass.”

“I no longer sit and cry about food, about hating myself or the fact that I’m different. Instead I celebrate it. 6 months ago I’d have laughed if someone told me I’d love myself but I guess you can progress from rock bottom. Thank you for being so good to me.”

“I have never been in a position to discuss a lot of what we’ve talked about with other caches. I would only ever focus on food, training and steps and never the bigger picture. Thank you for creating an environment where I feel so comfortable to open up.”

“I look back to when I started and I was in such a mess. There was a time I was scared to be alone in my own home as I didn’t trust myself. This industry needs more people like you who actually get this side of things. You’ve helped me so much I can’t explain how grateful I am.”

“I have really enjoyed working with you. Your approach is refreshing. I have worked with coaches in the past and you’re mad to feel terrible for not seeing a change on the scales every week. I am so grateful that I was able to work with such a great mentor and learn and take away what I have. I will continue to use these tools for the rest of my life as I enjoy it so much.”

“I’ve learned so much about myself and my body and I have managed to unravel some rather strict / fearful habits around food. It’s a journey and I’ll continue to implement everything. I feel so much more in control of my body in a positive liberating way, not a negative restrictive way. I’ve lots of tools I can use to continue to progress towards aesthetics goals but moreover to progress in my mindful eating and developing healthy habits and continue to learn to enjoy food.”


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