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Transition to Track Free

What’s included?

  • Starting programme: introduction to your relationship with food; macros and nutrition fundamentals
  • Education: challenges and habit development around mindful eating; emotional eating strategies; body image and mindfulness practices
  • Progression: phasic removal of tracking
  • Exclusive content: weekly live discussions with Emilia for your mindset and reflections; weekly ETPHD Team podcast answering your questions
  • Accountability: weekly self-assessments to ensure you’re aligning with your values
  • Support: 24/7 access to Emilia and other coaches via the exclusive Facebook group
  • Results: enjoy a life that isn’t restricted by food

Before the next start date of Transition to Track Free you will receive the following:

  • Starting programme: introduction to your relationship with food; individual macros and targets
  • Weekly challenges: your week-by-week challenges to develop your relationship with food and structured removal of tracking
  • Personal programme: space to record your weekly progress and reflections; gratitude and more
  • Community: access to an exclusive Facebook community for ETPHD clients and coaches with 24hour support

*Please note. This programme is not for those with eating disorders. If you think you have an eating disorder, please seek medical advice.

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