Dear friends

Writing this post after arriving at my hotel room. It’s the night before the show and I’ve just had a 4 hour drive, filled with an embarrassing amount of sporadic tears. Safe to say im prouder than I’ve ever been of myself. Anyway, I’m now...

Could it be, that I’ve already won?

It’s 2.5 weeks out. I’m writing this post freezing cold at 6pm, wrapped in my Christmas pjs and counting down the minutes until my next meal.But the past few days I’ve had a realisation. I feel like mentally, I’ve won this competition already....

Abs equals health, right?

So I’m going to try and not make this too much of a rant, and try and not be all biased and “I love my coach and I love my training”. Because I know everyone is different and responds to different ways of training and dieting. But something that is...


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