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The Truth (doesn’t) Hurt

Read my blogs and follow my journey from the beginning of training and competing. Here you’ll also find some hints, tips and other nuggets of information I would have found useful if someone had told me before now!

Why I’m not reverse dieting… *gasps*

It's now June 2017 and my competition season is over for the timebeing. I'm so pleased to say that I finished this season walking away with a second place finish at PCA British Finals, two first place wins at the PCA Bodypower Classic and Saxon Classic, and with my...

Client spotlight – Lauren

Words from Emilia: I started working with Lauren 13 months ago and the changes that I have seen in her strength, both physical and mental, leave me in awe frequently. I asked Lauren to share her story to highlight the power of nutrition and training in women,...

Sleep – when counting sheep isn’t enough

Sleep. Our best friend. As a 30 year old woman, sleep is one of my favourite things. I don’t enjoy super late nights or partying. But, as a 30 year old woman with a business and full-time job, and as someone with a pretty intense hobby most of the year, sleep can...

Gym Owner Monthly Magazine Article – What Supplement?

Supplements. They are exactly that, supplemental to your foods that may support you in reaching your specific goals, either through addressing a deficiency in your diet or providing additional quantities. But do you know what supplements really do help you in fat...

12 Steps to Stronger

What are you most afraid of in relation to your body and mind? Do you lack energy in your day-to-day life? Do you fear the summer and wearing those shorts that you bought when you were 18 that no longer fit? Are you scared that your current obsessive relationship with...

Flexibility and competing…

I WON! Let’s start this blog by saying… I WON my first show of the season! Last weekend, I competed in PCA Saxon Classic and in a line-up of 18 or so girls, I did it! I have never allowed myself to actually want to win before. Never let myself think that way. This...

A day in the prep life…

So… You want to compete. You know it’s a challenge. You’ve read the blogs. You know it can take over your life. You know it can be a challenge to recover mentally post-show. You know it costs a lot and that can be for very little reward. But you also see the amazing...


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