Is your overworking a show for your ego?

The reframing of rest. I feel guilty for resting, Be that from my business, Training, Anything that involves doing, I hear you, You feel guilty. Let me take a minute to reframe this for you, And tell you that actually, Working too much has become a selfish act, You’re...

An overlooked strategy for PCOS?

Berberine: what’s the deal? PCOS, although affecting up to 10% of the population, is more prevalent in health and fitness, most probably because managing many of its confounders, namely relatively high levels of body fat, insulin resistance, poor body image and...

The PCOS fat loss plight

It’s not just about the physiology. I’m not one for promoting a fixed mindset, Supporting a narrative that puts someone in a box, A box labelled, It’s harder for you than anyone else, give up, But for those living with polycystic ovary syndrome, The truth is that yes,...


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