Meet Emilia Thompson

University Lecturer, Bikini Competitor and a PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

Meet Emilia Thompson

Nutrition Consultant RNutr PhD, Life Coach, University Nutrition Lecturer, Educator and Bikini Athlete


I don’t fit the anti-diet mould, nor do I fit the ‘grind-harder’ cliché. I intertwine evidence-based nutritional programming with the equally as evidence-based methods of mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude and behaviour change to support clients’ attainment of their goals. I am a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (RNutr Sports / Exercise), Lecturer and Educator in Sports Nutrition and qualified Life Coach. I have a BSc degree in Sports Biomedicine, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a PhD in Exercise Physiology, so as you can see, in addition to having an in depth knowledge base, I absolutely love what I do.

“I work with clients who want to improve their relationship with food, health, self-compassion or body composition. Many people believe that you can’t have aesthetic goals alongside a focus on health, but I firmly believe that there is a time and a place for all.”.

My passions have always been nutrition and health. I coached myself and competed in bodybuilding for 4 years, placing second at British Finals 2017 after winning Bodypower and PCA Saxon Classic. I have experienced the highs and lows of extreme dieting, be that for the stage or away from it.

Bikini Competitor

Like most competitors, I found competing following a bit of a turbulent time in my life many years ago. Due to many personal circumstances, I went through a prolonged period of time whereby my body bore the brunt of these negative times. I fell in to the classic trap of overtraining, running for miles and miles on a daily basis without fuelling myself properly. I suffered with low self-confidence and poor health. Food for me was control. Skinny was life.

“I started lifting weights, and the empowerment this gave me, led me to continue training and eventually compete”.

I went through years of a binge-starve cycle, during the week living off pittance and spending weekends having ‘cheat days’, then living the next few days punishing myself for it. Following a particularly bad spell, I decided enough was enough. I started lifting weights with some boys from work, and the empowerment this gave me, led me to continue training and eventually compete. More importantly, this journey taught me to fuel my body. It taught me to listen to what my body wanted, and what it needed, in order to perform at its best. I ended my term as a bikini athlete in 2017 after placing second at the British Finals and competing for PCA Team GB.


As an evidence-based Registered Nutritionist, I use scientifically supported methods of nutritional programming (calories, macros and other programming techniques) to support your specific goals and values. Alongside this, you will be supported with evidence-based methods that support your mindset, such as self-compassion and gratitude.

“Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. You deserve to nurture it”.

Your mindset is what dictates your desire and ability to eat for your health goals – it cannot be ignored. We will work together to identify your values, implementing nutritional and mindset programming in alignment with these values to ensure progress.


Dispelling the myths and misinformation surrounding nutrition in health and fitness is incredibly important to me. I lecture in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in a number of universities.

Speaking at fitness and wellness events such as BodyPower, Women’s Health Live, Kompak Women, Mental Health Muscle and Strength Beauty Power 2019, and regularly appearing as a guest on podcasts within the industry, including but not limited to Revive Stronger, Push Pull Legs, The Muscle Mentors and The Empowered Body Podcast, allows me to spread the evidence-based (and compassionate) nutrition message. I am also involved with industry, working within nutrition education with Optimum Nutrition and as a Consultant Nutritionist with Lo-Dough. I contribute to national magazines including, but not limited to, Womens Health and Health and Wellbeing Magazine.


Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

University Lecturer

Bikini Competitor


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