Meet Emilia Thompson

University Lecturer, Bikini Competitor and a PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

Meet Emilia Thompson

University Lecturer, Bikini Competitor and a PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant


I am a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (RNutr Sports / Exercise), bikini competitor and a Lecturer in Sports Nutrition (yes, my PhD makes me a doctor). I have a BSc degree in Sports Biomedicine, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a PhD in Exercise Physiology, so as you can see, in addition to having an in depth knowledge base, I absolutely love what I do.

“I work with clients who want to improve their body composition, their relationship with food, their self-confidence or those who even want to step on stage and compete at an international level.”.

My passions have always been nutrition and health and I have competed in bodybuilding for 3 years (I recently won First Place Bikini Toned at both the PCA Bodypower Classic and Saxon shows, 2017, and competed in the PCA Pro/Am Show in May 2017). Because of my own journey self-prepping through these competitions, both on- and off-season, I have experienced the highs and lows of extreme dieting myself, so I can relate to everyone who has the desire to improve their body composition.

Bikini Competitor

Like most competitors, I found competing following a bit of a turbulent time in my life. Due to many personal circumstances, I went through a prolonged period of time whereby my body bore the brunt of these negative times. I fell in to the classic trap of overtraining, running for miles and miles on a daily basis without fuelling myself properly. I suffered with low self-confidence and poor health. Food for me was control. Skinny was life.

“I started lifting weights, and the empowerment this gave me, led me to continue training and eventually compete”.

I went through years of a starve-binge cycle, during the week living off pittance and spending weekends having ‘cheat days’, then living the next few days punishing myself for it. Following a particular bad spell, I decided enough was enough. I started lifting weights with some boys from work, and the empowerment this gave me, led me to continue training and eventually compete. More importantly, this journey taught me to fuel my body. It taught me to listen to what my body wanted, and what it needed, in order to perform at its best.


With so much false information out there with social media and fad diets, it is so important to ensure that you get your nutritional programming from a Registered Nutritionist with the appropriate experience and qualifications. Nutrition has to be individualised in order for it to work – hence why you may have struggled with the success (or lack of ) of generic plans in the past.

“Your body deserves the love and respect that you give to other people. If you treat it well, it will treat you even better”.

It will respond to your requests for fat loss when you provide it with the correct nutrition and training programme. And importantly, a healthy body will not rebound as there is no ‘end’ of diet – only continuous lifestyle change.

Your relationship with you is the longest one you’ll have, you owe it to yourself to nourish it.

I was recently awarded the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Sports Nutritionist of the Year Award.  There were hundreds of applications to these awards, designed to highlight the ‘Gold Standard’ in personal training and fitness within the UK. The categories were judged based on demonstration of leadership, innovation and success within their trade. I was recognised for my industry success through working with a range of recreational to elite athletes and University teams, whilst I demonstrated positive nutritional principles to improve health, performance and nutritional goals. As a result of this, I have written for Gym Owner Monthly as a featured Sports Nutritionist, and have many magazine features in the pipeline aimed at bridging the gap between evidence-based nutrition practice and the fitness industry.


Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

University Lecturer

Bikini Competitor

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