Meet Anna Munday

Certified MNU Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Bikini Athlete.

Meet Anna Munday

Certified MNU Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Bikini Athlete.


Having been coached by Emilia myself for almost 18 months and undergone many of her methods as a client, I now combine everything that I have experienced with both MNU and Emilia to support my clients to improve their relationships with food, body composition, health and ultimately their lifestyle.

“In a world where foods are demonised, I want to help people find food freedom”.

Using similar methods to Emilia, we work to improve your relationship with food, body composition and mindset whilst developing your own knowledge of food and behaviour change that will last with you for life.

Bikini Competitor

I competed for 3 years with the UKBFF as a junior bikini athlete, making the British Finals 2 years running.  Like most competitors, it taught me how far I could push myself both physically and mentally and gave me a new-found confidence, alongside allowing me to feel empowered and strong thanks to consistent weight training.

“I focus not only on improving a client’s body composition but building their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and ultimately their relationship with food”.

The strict rigidity of the diet and training regime meant that I was living for the ‘cheat days’ and once the season was over, I found that (like many others), I was in a vicious binge-starve cycle. Subsequently working alongside Emilia on both nutritional and mindset behaviours, I have developed the strongest relationship with food since being an adult and am so passionate about supporting others in that journey.


Most crucial to my career, my interest in nutrition began growing the year of my last competition alongside my time Personal Training. I was well aware of the power of food and the need to optimise it to support any exercise programme and mindset development.

“Health isn’t just about the physical aspects like exercise and diet – health includes mental and emotional wellbeing”.

MNU provided all of the evidence-based nutrition content and development opportunities needed to allow me to qualify as a Certified Nutritionist. I am a fully certified Nutritionist and Evidence-Based Practitioner.


Improve your Health, Body Composition and Relationship with Food.


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PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant

University Lecturer

Bikini Competitor


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