And why we must be open to listening

Chronic dieting,
They provide an outlet,
A meaning,
That should we approach with curiosity and compassion,
That we can learn from,
And move through,
Instead of resentment and anger,
That pushes us more to need their support.

The disordered eating habit you found was a friend,
A coping mechanism that was presented,
Chosen when there seemed no other option,
When you felt unseen,
And simply unable to be.

You overeating may have numbed the grief of a loss,
And you must develop the skill of self-soothing.
Your chronic dieting may have kept you small in fear of being too much for your insecure partner,
And you must develop the confidence to choose only secure relationships,
And the awareness of your insecure attachment style.
Your overexercising may have distracted you from your lack of purpose,
And you must create space to discover your passion,
Courage to implement your ambitions,
And self-esteem to know you are capable.

Discover what function your disordered eating habit plays.
Develop the skills to replace that role.


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