It’s not just about the physiology.

I’m not one for promoting a fixed mindset,

Supporting a narrative that puts someone in a box,

A box labelled,

It’s harder for you than anyone else, give up,

But for those living with polycystic ovary syndrome,

The truth is that yes,

Fat loss is harder,

And not simply due to your physiology.

Some studies suggest a reduction in BMR of up to 40% with PCOS,

Although in my experience,

The average sits more about 10–20%,

So to lose body fat,

Your calories often have to be lower than average.

This comes alongside insulin resistance,

That occurs in about 95% of those with overweight or obese-PCOS.

This doesn’t impact your fat loss per se,

But it means things like exercise,

Bunching carbs around training,

Low GI carbs,

And walking after some meals,

Are all useful methods to support your health.

But the problems arise I see,

In the ever prevalent exclusionary messages,

Cut out dairy, gluten, carbs, sugar,

None of which you have to do,

A small percentage of those with PCOS may have gluten intolerances,

But by and large,

This is unnecessary,

And in almost all cases,

It’s actually harmful.

Those with PCOS have an increased risk of disordered eating,

Are three times as likely to exhibit abnormal eating disorder scores,

Including binge eating,

Low body image,

And depression.

Exclusionary messaging around food,

Super low calorie diets under the assumption of a ‘poor’ metabolic rate,

They all increase these psychological perturbations.

Practicing compassion,


Alongside an inclusion-focused calorie deficit,

Is what will benefit you the most.

5% body fat reduction may be enough to restore regular menses,

Don’t sacrifice your relationship with food and forever seek more,

Because as soon as that happens,

Maintenance becomes impossible.


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