Here you’ll find a link to Emilia’s podcast appearances to date. We can’t film all of her talks, but the podcasts provide a broad summary of client work, direction with mindful eating and self-compassion and helpful tips that you can implement for yourself right away.

You can also sample the team’s podcast for clients of Emilia Thompson Phd here.

Women’s Health – Going for Goal

Fitness Unfiltered Education in the Fitness Industry

Pioneer Performance

The Health Academy

The Wellness Academy

The Muscle Mentors Foodcast

Revolutionary You

Healthy Minds

The Body Positive Mum

No Nonsense Nutrition

The Health Scientist

Fitness Unfiltered

Muscle, Mindset and Meal Prep

Strength Faction

The Shane Walsh Podcast

Revive Stronger

The Muscle Mentors

The Empowered Body Podcast – 1

The Empowered Body Podcast – 2

The DadBodCast

Push Pull Legs

Fitness Made Simple

Don’t Fear The Weight

The Female Fitness Podcast

Lift More Lose More – 2

Lift More Lose More – 1

Not Just A Bikini Girl


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