Little black dress diet. Shredded for Christmas Day diet. Get lean to then eat your months worth of calories on Christmas Day diet. You see these packages advertised everywhere and so many of us take the chance to get lean for Christmas. We embark on the cut and say goodbye to the festive treats. All the while knowing that come Christmas, your head is going to be in full on diet mode and guess what, you’ll feel guilt for everything additional to said ‘diet’ over the whole Christmas period. You’ve told yourself for 8 weeks that macros are a must, and now you’re expected to forget all that and actually ENJOY family occasions and meals? Good one. Cue obsessing over every mouthful on Christmas Day and already planning just how you’re going to ‘work it off’. Or worse still, just knowing that you’re finished your 8 week shred so you’ve ‘earned’ a week long blow out (and complete reversal of your progress). STOP.

No more dieting for Christmas! Why not use the Christmas period like so many athletes do, to build your summer body? To grow some shape? To use the Christmas festive treats within a programme that is designed just for you, to make progress and build that booty or those delts or that hourglass shape. Why not join me, whilst I build some muscle and show you how to do it alongside me (and all the while enjoying the festivities)?


My post show shape vs. my start of building shape. There’s a time for soft and there’s a time for shreds.


Why not spend the time around Christmas to work on getting your mindset to love the food that you eat over the festive period, so that you don’t spend every family occasion dwelling on the macros in the damn dessert that your nana made. Why push more and more in to that guilt cycle, to then spend another Christmas period obsessing over what you should or shouldn’t eat, and then going OTT on blowout because ‘Christmas macros’.


The best Christmas cake I ever did make…


If you are this person, who has spent Christmas time obsessing over macros, who has logged their food choices secretly under the family dinner table to quantify how many potatoes you can have with your chicken, who has allowed themselves ‘Christmas Day only to go mad then back on it’ and ended up eating the world in 24 hours, then listen up! I am launching a very special and very different type of Christmas diet. Come with me on a journey to work on building some shape, some muscle (not ‘bulk’), and building a strong relationship with festive food. Work with me to realise that you can enjoy every festive occasion without obsessing over how it will ‘fit your macros’ and what you’ll need to do to ‘earn’ your Christmas dinner. I want you to have a Christmas where you relax and don’t think about a damn macro or binge once. I want you to have a festive period where you enjoy the occasions but make progress at the same time. I want to take you out of the starvation for Christmas parties-binge for 7 days-diet in January cycle. 

Join me on my Summer Strength For Christmas programme to change the Christmas mindset forever. This programme will start on 29th October and run right through for 8 weeks until Christmas Eve (exciting!) and will leave you ready to face the Christmas period on your own, comfortable in how to fuel yourself properly and how to enjoy your family time without overthinking, overeating or indeed, missing out. What is actually included?

  1. Individualised nutrition programme with calculated macronutrients and supplements to support muscle growth and recovery (shape and strength for all!)
  2. Full tailored training programme
  3. Weekly and monthly check-ins for progress and programme changes if required 
  4. Education on working with your own macros, and how to eat your favourite festive treats within a structured programme
  5. Goal and mindset analysis
  6. Life coaching to support your personal goals
  7. Exclusive access to a group Facebook page with informative content on your favourite festive treats and activities, alongside lots of group support and frequent contact with myself and the rest of the team for all of your questions and needs


I will help you identify the mindset and knowledge that you need to build your summer body and mind now, whilst building your health to finish this year strong


There will be very limited places available due to the mindset focus that I place on this programme. So if you’re interested, use the ‘contact me’ section of my site, or send me an email on [email protected] to get involved or just to find out some more information. 

I can’t wait to help you eat your obsession free mince pies!



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