Supplements. They are exactly that, supplemental to your foods that may support you in reaching your specific goals, either through addressing a deficiency in your diet or providing additional quantities. But do you know what supplements really do help you in fat loss, muscle mass or health? Do you know which are simply money-making products for the ever-growing supplement industry? We all know those people that, if you listen carefully, rattle when they walk. But are they justified in their intakes?

Recently, as part of my role as Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Sports Nutritionist of the Year, I wrote a review of current supplements in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. I covered the reasons for supplement use, the supplements that may work, and the supplements that may not. Take a look at the article by clicking the button below (I’m on page 42). If you have any questions about specific supplements, contact me as always via my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

What supplement?


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