What are you most afraid of in relation to your body and mind? Do you lack energy in your day-to-day life? Do you fear the summer and wearing those shorts that you bought when you were 18 that no longer fit? Are you scared that your current obsessive relationship with food is stopping any sort of relationship elsewhere, because your head is too filled with macros, calories and cardio thoughts? What are you most scared of when it comes to your training and nutrition? More importantly, what are you waiting for to sort these issues out for yourself?



12 Steps to Stronger has been designed with all of these factors in mind. Both myself and Whitley have had these fears ourselves. Fears of not being strong enough, fears of obsessing so much over food, that this has led to constant thoughts of calories and subsequent binges and weight gain. We have both been the restrictive eaters, the bro diet followers, the overly flexible dieters, looking for direction and knowledge and support from others in the industry honest enough to share their fears. Unfortunately, these people are sparse in the industry, forever portraying perfection and mixed messages about the methods to get to your goals. Nowadays, after lots of self-growth, education and experience, we are the strongest we have been inside and outside of the gym, have developed a full healthy control of our nutritional intakes and have developed a friendship so strong alongside this, that we feel the need to share this with you all. We want YOU to be involved. To improve your strength, both physical and psychological, so that you feel empowered and educated to make the right decisions for your health and happiness.


What comes alongside this empowerment and strength? Your body will respond with a massive thank you, and will grow alongside your mind. Your muscles will grow stronger and more visible, and your body composition will change to reflect this new mindset. This ease at which you feel with your body, with food and with training, will be reflected in a body composition reflecting a more athletic, strong and healthy relationship with yourself.


12 Steps is a Nutrition and Training Programme, which will provide not only individualised and targeted nutrition and training programming designed just for you, but will also provide a group environment designed to bring mutual female strength and empowerment back to your lives. Working alongside Whitley, a qualified Personal Trainer, Online Coach and British Bikini Champion, and me, a Registered Sports Nutritionist with a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Online Consultant and Bikini Champion, you will be educated in how to programme your OWN nutrition and training. You will learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to incorporate this lifestyle in to your current life, to create a sustainable and happy balance of life, training, nutrition and love.


The 12 Steps to Stronger Programme contains all of the following:

  • 3x team meet-ups (week 4, 8, 12). These will be at a different location each time, and will include various activities i.e training, team-work exercises, food, and more!
  • Learn the WHAT’s, WHY’s and HOW’s of periodising your own training.
  • Learn about YOUR body in regards to nutrition! Learn the ins and outs of flexible dieting, how to track your macros and how to establish which approach suits you best.
  • Overcome challenges such as self-confidence, detaching emotion from numbers and more!
  • Access to our private group for the whole team, where we will all be checking in together on a weekly basis and sharing progress, advice and anything else in-between!
  • Personal online monthly check ins with us both.
  • Individualised coaching us both
  • All of this for less than one-to-one coaching


The programme will run from April 29th – July 22nd. Spaces are limited. Don’t miss your chance to change your mindset this summer, once and for all. No more starvation diets before holidays!


We have never been more excited to share this journey with you. To empower you. To meet you all and to learn about your stories, and to help you realise that being strong can help you overcome anything in life. Get ready, because your life is about to grow bigger than your glutes!



PAY MONTHLY OPTION;- Pay £170 on your first month and then just two monthly payments of £90 thereafter!

SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND and both receive the course for £600!


Contact us today via the contact me page, or via email:





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