Writing this post after arriving at my hotel room. It’s the night before the show and I’ve just had a 4 hour drive, filled with an embarrassing amount of sporadic tears. Safe to say im prouder than I’ve ever been of myself. 

Anyway, I’m now waiting like a kid at Christmas for one of my best friends to fly over from Dublin to come and stay. Tomorrow I have another 7 friends coming from all over just to support me on stage. Eight friends coming down just for me, to see me prance in a bikini then demolish enough food for an obese man. For a week. How lucky am I?
So I thought I should say thanks. Thank you to all my beautiful friends who have supported me throughout this. To the ones who meal prepped for me when I couldn’t move for weeks after my operation (Yara, Josh, Lauren you beauts). To those who’ve continuously told me I could do it when I doubted myself, reminding me of my own strength (Scottish lovelies you’re my safety net). To the one who allowed me to smell her food, make her walk slower than a child and bought me post show goodies (bestest you’re my soulmate). To the ones who have actually, genuinely, totally understood because they’ve been through the same journey (Emma, Joanne my prep backbones). And everyone who’s coming tomorrow I feel super super lucky.
I know most of my friends and family don’t get it. They don’t understand why id do it and they never will, but they don’t have to, it’s my journey. But most of them have tried, I say most. Most have forgiven the missed birthdays, the lack of social interaction, the lack of anything other than food related chat from me for the past 10 weeks. I know you get bored of food porn posts I really do, but deprivation for me is not normal and I need this!
Most people that do this journey themselves warned me how lonely it is. So many have lost their friends and I can see why. This is by far the most self centred thing I have ever done. So I promise from tomorrow to be selfless, thoughtful and fun again. I appreciate you all and I swear I’ll be the best friend you want again. And for that I’m more than excited!! XxxxxX


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