So I have loads that I want to say, but I figure it’s best that I start off with who I am and why I’m doing this blog. I’m training to do my first ever bikini comp…. AH! Saying it out loud is always a bit of a realisation. I’ve entered UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow, on 8th November (currently 7 weeks out). I know there are 100s of blogs similar to this out there, but someone recently suggested to me that I should do it and I’ve been meaning to for a while. I guess it’s just like a diary, helps you when you’re feeling like you need the extra push, or serves as a reminder of how far you’ve come. The more I’ve got to know the industry the more fun things I’ve learnt, and also the slightly more irritating things! I figure, if I can write them down and share them, other people in the same position will realise it’s normal to feel that way. I’m lucky, although I don’t have anyone around me that competes or understands the lifestyle, I have an awesome coach and team and amazing friends. This industry is so much about meeting new like-minded people, I can’t explain the support they can give you. So reach out to people, everyone wants to add to their support network!
So yeah, I’m currently 7 weeks out. I’ll add photos on the way (instagram is @emiliat86 and of course is bombarded with progress shots). I’m writing this from my bed to try and conserve energy because the last few days have been tiring. I’m not a moaner (I HATE a moaner). We all choose this lifestyle, no one is making us. But 3 weeks in to my prep and my body is feeling a little out of sorts. I mean, this week I got run over by a bike because I wasn’t paying attention and walked straight in to it! So today I plan to train and rest. And I plan this most days for the next 7 weeks. I haven’t mentioned that I’m just finishing my PhD in sports science too. And have just moved to Manchester to start a new job. So new job, new city, new gym, 200 pages of science to write! But I’m enjoying it all. I don’t believe in excuses. So many people use them as reasons they can’t succeed, or reasons their struggle is more real (that’s a whole different rant), but at the end of the day, everyone is battling their own private battles. We all have our own obstacles to overcome, let’s just enjoy beating them all down!
So this is just a tester blog, who I am and what I’m doing. I plan to add lots of (shorter) posts about this journey. Because every time I read someone else’s, I feel a little more normal. And in a life where we’re thought of as weird because the highlight of our day is training, or because we eat 7 times a day and are still hungry, and because we can resist a pizza buffet, the more we can read about other people in the same position the more normal it can be!
Hakuna Masquata everyone!! xxxx


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